A Safari Sleepover | London’s Best Safari-Themed Hotels

By 11 January 2021

Safari-Theme Hotels in London

Wake up with the wild all around you, nope we’re not talking about London specifically but the wilds of the safari. Here we present the top 3 safari-themed hotels in London that you must add to your bucket list and tick off as soon as possible, before the become extinct. Safari sleep overs are fantastic options for those with kids, so if you feel like treating them, then get your booking made at these three locations.

Chessington Safari Hotel

Save on a trip to the Savannah with a simple booking at Chessington and enjoy the safari experience from within the UK. In the middle of the Chessington Theme Park is the resorts hotel. This comes with an African adventure theme. There are several rooms to accommodate your young terrors, The Tiger rooms, The Monkey Temple rooms, the Giraffe Rooms, Zebra Rooms, Penguin Rooms, and the African Adventure Rooms. Each room comes with a fantastic view of the Wanyana Reserve. There is access to all the usual amenities including the Savannah Splash Pool with real water that has been shipped over from the real Savannah.

Extra additions to your stay can include VIP giraffe safari experience, a VIP African animal safari experience, VIP birthday packages, and dinner at the Zafari Bar and Grill.

London Zoo Lodges

Well, it simply cannot get any wilder than this. Spending a night in the zoo and you will get to hear all the sounds of the animals within London Zoo. Those lucky enough to book a lodge can discover what goes on when all the visitors go home. This is an overnight experience to beat all others. Located in the land of the lion’s exhibit, you can be soothed to sleep by the noise of distance roaring or scared stiff less by the slightest of rustle that emanates outside the lodge.

Surrounding you will also be the sound of gibbons and the hocking flamingos, can you figure out the other sounds? In total, there are nine lodges on site and are beautifully decorated with each one themed to a matching animal found in the zoo.

Your stay includes three exclusive ours which all happen whilst the zoo is closed to the general public. You get a private viewing of various animals around the zoo, and also share in the insider-secrets of what goes on behind the scenes.

Guest will receive a dinner and breakfast, along with complimentary drinks. You have free parking and additional discounts on the giftshop and restaurant.

Safari Treehouse: South Bank

Enjoy private balcony views as you gaze out onto the Thames. Open for a limited time only, this 35 ft high treehouse is a luxury lodge that transports London dwellers into the savannah plains of South Africa.

Decorated with tribal prints with one-off pieces of African sculptures and a four-poster bed, you will get to experience a fine piece of heritage before it is taken away for good come February. Your stay in the treehouse comes with a menu that includes tempura meal worms, mmm crunchy.

Sink your teeth into the wild home from home and see how the animals of London go about their day.